Ankle Bracelet for House Arrest?


Ankle bracelets are often used for people under house arrest. This is when a person is confined to a specific residence by authorities. They usually have no travel or communication privileges.
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A house arrest is an alternative form of incarceration in which the prisoner serves his or her sentence while in the confines of his or her home. House arrest is utilized in few cases
ANKLE BRACELETS ARE WATERPROOF, IF NOT, WE WOULD BE SHORT CIRCUITED ALWAYS. One can go where one is allowed to be at. If the person is a child molester, I do not think that a kids
The range of a house arrest ankle bracelet can be between 3000 to
This is how it works in Wisconsin so it's really just speculation since I don't know what state you're in or procedure in other states. When you are sentenced here you leave the courthouse
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