How do you write an anniversary announcement for the newspaper?


An anniversary announcement for the newspaper should be as focused as possible, presenting the highlights of the couple's life within the word count allowed. Newspapers often provide sample announcements that the couple's information can be plugged into.

Before writing an anniversary announcement, find out what costs are associated with publishing the announcement and how long the paper allows the announcement to be. Some newspapers offer different levels of announcements, and costs can vary from free to upward of $50, depending on the length of the announcement and whether a photo is to be included. Most papers have pages on their websites that give pricing and length information.

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1. Use the resources of your local newspaper. Newspapers have different policies on anniversary announcements. Look at a past announcements page for deadline, payment information,
In a newspaper.
why not do a wedding announcement in the newspaper after your wedding? do a bit of research and you will find many many brides and grooms had a wedding announcement after the wedding
how about, love you loads, heres to the next 5 years and beyond,xx
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One begins a 50th wedding anniversary announcement for a newspaper by listing the wife's and husband's name as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Their anniversary ...
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