Anomalous Expansion of Water?


Anomalous expansion of water is the super cooling of water. This term commonly refers to the process water goes through when it is cooled quickly into ice. Water expands when it cools.
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The expansion of water when it is cooled from four degree centigrade to zero degree centigrade is known as "anomalous expansion of water." The unusual behaviour of water
Water has a very special property of anamalous expansion, unlike any other substances or liquids. All substances expand when they are heated or when their temperature increase
Hydrogen bonds are bonds that from between water molecules (diagram included) They form between the positive and negative dipoles, it is only a weak force which is why water is liquid
( ə′näm·ə·ləs ik′span·shən ) (thermodynamics) An increase in the volume of a substance that results from a decrease in its
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Fish survive in frozen ponds as a result of the anomalous expansion of water. Water expands at temperatures higher than 4°C and freezes at 0°C. When the ...
Water has an irregular anomalous expansion which plays a very useful part that ensures freezing only occurs at the upper layer in water bodies. Underneath the ...
1. Obtain the following information concerning your hot water heating system: gallon capacity of your total water system, temperature of the water when the system ...
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