Another Way to Say Timely Manner?


Another way to say timely manner would be found easily in a thesaurus. A thesaurus is a tool that helps writers to find replacement words and phrases for words that are used frequently. Another way to say timely manner might include 'expediently' or 'on time.' You might also use 'well timed' to replace the phrase. Taking the time to choose the best word or phrase for your writing project will make the words flow more smoothly.
Q&A Related to "Another Way to Say Timely Manner?"
JK(just kidding)
Here are a few ways to say it in the US. Would be interesting to read slang in other countries. bacon (e.g. bring home the bacon) banknotes. bankroll. beans (e.g. bean counter) Benjamins
Calm and unworried, relaxed and rather casual.
Here's one I could think of; The great ways of literature! Hope that helped!
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