How do you answer questions for an employee self-appraisal?


Questions for an employee self-appraisal should be answered as honestly and objectively as possible, because managers use the answers to facilitate discussion with the employee. Although some employees may view them with disdain, employee self-appraisals are crucial to performance management and should be taken seriously, according to Performance Management Health Center.

It is not always possible for managers to stay current on the status of all their employees, so they sometimes use employee self-appraisals to fill in the gaps. Although it is important for employees not to paint an unrealistically rosy picture in their responses, they offer a chance to remind the employer of some of their achievements attained over the previous year. It is also important to be specific and not use vague or general terms that offer very little meaning for an employer. If possible, evidence or references should be mentioned to back up any claims made.

On the other hand, it is advised to not gloss over any failures and instead be upfront or honest about them. Management is probably fully aware of any incidents that took place, so it is important to address these in an honest manner and to take responsibility for any problems. The employee self-appraisal should be used to clear up any issues, because the manager will likely want to set some future performance goals based on the answers given.

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