Answers to Performance Review Questions?


I would answer performance review questions honestly. Just do the best you can when being asked the questions. Answer them with the knowledge that you know about the question being asked.
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It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude when your boss questions your work. Although you may feel angry, upset or defensive, keep those feelings to yourself. Keep in mind that
If trust is present, teamwork is established and if teamwork is established, victory is inevitable. -Kaya Razzaq.
1. Be aware of what the interviewer is seeking to do with this line of questioning. A performance appraisal will usually contain at least one suggestion for improvement and interviewers
This is entirely my personal opinion, but on the evidence I've seen my belief is that Quora supports a community of well-educated, experienced and motivated people. In contrast,
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How to Answer Performance Review Questions
Meeting with your boss for a performance review probably isn’t one of your favorite activities, particularly if you expect to hear criticism or questions about your performance. When you’re nervous or emotional, you may not answer ... More »
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When writing your own performance review keep in mind what is relevant to your job. Try to be objective and be complete. Use specific examples. ...
Performance appraisals are annual reviews that assess an employee’s performance. They create a permanent record that the employer uses for various reasons ...
With human resource management, employee performance is monitored through reviews that are performed on each employee at specific intervals. ...
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