Ant Killer Safe for Pets?


A pet safe ant killer that you have at home is a mixture of Dawn dish soap and boiling water. This mixture immediately kills ants but is safe for pets. Another natural ant killer is catnip, which is considered a natural poison for ants despite being very good for cats. Other ant killers safe for pets include lemon juice and vinegar, or what naturally acidic things you have in your house.
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1. Fill a plastic squirt bottle with one part tap water and one part white distilled vinegar or cider vinegar. Place the lid on the bottle and swirl to combine. 2. Spray ants when
1. Make sure you have any type of soap. EXAMPLE: Dish Soap and bath soap works well. 2. Get a squirt gun or dropper. 3. Mix water and a little bit of the soap. 4. Fill the squirt
Actually it is best if you can have a licensed pest control tech. do the job for you. I work in the pest control field and have done alot of ant jobs. Ants are very sensitive to chemicals
I haven't tried this in a blooming planter, but: I get ants in my apartment, and most people around here do. However, I discovered that a household cleaner kills ants. At Whole Foods
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