Antagonistic Pair?


One good example of antagonistic pairs are the muscles in your arms. These are the triceps and the biceps. Another good pair is the pectoral muscles and the back muscles.
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pairs of muscles that work together.
Antagonistic Pair are two things that oppose the actions of one another. For example,
Pairs of muscles which work together by doing the opposite. One contracts, while the other relaxes (e.g. biceps and triceps) That's all you need to know for the end of year exams!
A pair which works/has functions against the interest of one another,is called an antagonistic pair. For e.g.sunlight intensity & rainfall is a pair which brings in a flush of
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Skeletal muscles are responsible for moving bones. They usually work in antagonistic pairs, composed of the flexor and the extensor. As one contracts, the other ...
Pairs of antagonistic muscles are the biceps brachii and triceps brachii, flexor muscle and an extensor muscle, quadriceps hamstrings and abdominals gluteus maximus ...
Antagonistic muscles are muscles that work in opposition to each other by contracting. A good example is the antagonistic pair of muscles used in bending and straightening ...
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