Anterior Osteophytes?


Anterior osteophytes are bone spurs that are found on the anterior or front of the spine or vertebrae. These bone spurs can be extremely painful and often require surgical intervention. Without surgical intervention, the bone spurs continue to grow and can even cause paralysis. Symptoms of this type of bone spur include pain that radiates down the back and arms, difficulty breathing, decreased circulation, and difficulty swallowing.
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Bony growths on the front of the spine.
Radiologists often examine X-rays of cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae for determining the presence of steoarthritis and osteoporosis. For individual vertebra assessment, the
You are dealing with arthritis and degenerative bone disease in the spine. Osteophytes are bony growths that occur at sites of inflammation and turn into spurs. Because they grow
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Anterior Osteophytes are bone spurs that develop on the front, or anterior aspect of the vertebrae. It's mostly found in the cervical spine (neck) region as the ...
The Internet is a good resource to find out about an anterior osteophyte cervical spine. This condition has to do with a bone spur that develops. You can find ...
From what I understand having a small disk osteophyte complex c5-c6, effacement of the anterior thecal sac means that the disc is herniated and applying pressure ...
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