Anti Gravity Shoes?


Anti-gravity shoes do not actually work against gravity, but do allow you to float up into the air. Anti-gravity shoes are often used for creating choreographed illusions in theater productions. The shoes work by allowing a person to move in a way that looks as if the person is defying gravity. Michael Jackson was known for his use of this type of shoe in many music videos. Anti-gravity shoes might also refer to shoes designed for children as toys. These shoes allow a child to bounce high.
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Anti-gravity chairs are designed to be ergonomic. This means they are designed to be comfortable since they allow the body to relax in a natural position. These chairs reduce stress
They were patented in 1988, a year after Smooth Criminal was released.
You can buy Air Kicks Jr. Anti Gravity Boots for $79.99 at Amazon. Reply SOURCE
If you're looking to make the Michael Jackson shoes yourself, you'll have to do some stage/board work as well, it's not just the shoes that help create the illusion. The link of the
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