Antibiotics Brand Names?


Antibiotics' brand names are often much easier to pronounce and to remember than their generic names. Some of the common brand names for antibiotics include Duricef, Ancef, Lorabid, Keflin, Cefobid, and Levaquin. More common brand names include names like Cleocin, Vantin, and Ketek. These antibiotics can be prescribed to treat many types of infection including bacterial infections. Many of the drugs are taken orally or by injection.
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A brand name is a name used to make a product stand out against its competition. Often more than one company will make a similar product, using the same ingredients or items. Giving
Cinobac, Baloxin, and Geninax are all brand names and from
In many cases, your doctor will prescribe antibiotic ear drops for your outer ear infection. Domeboro Otic, Floxin and Vosol are among the more commonly prescribed antibiotic ear
There are many antibiotics that are used for dogs, ranging from amoxicillin to doxycycline to cephalexin. They are often similar to drugs used in humans, and in some cases are the
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There are many types of antibiotics that are used for treating STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the brand names of these antibiotics for STD treatment ...
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