What are the types of antifreeze?


There are only three main types of antifreeze that are available to the public today. The three types of antifreeze include conventional green antifreeze that is used in most vehicles, Dexcool antifreeze that is available for extended life situations, and HOAT or hybrid OAT antifreeze. This type of antifreeze is not compatible with most standard antifreeze types and can cause problems when it is used in a vehicle that had originally had standard antifreeze.
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It came out with the pink.after 2 water pump failures I switched to the green.I will never use the pink again. The choice is yours to make.
Radiant heat flooring manufacturers and dealers recommend using a propylene glycol antifreeze, a stabilized anti-freeze or RV anti-freeze for mixing with water in the tubing. Avoid
The type of antifreeze u use is called "Long life or Extended life" coolant depending on who makes it, like Prestone and others, u can mix any brand of coolant as long as
Anti-freeze comes in different brands and longevity. This means that some do retain their quality for up to 50,000-miles, while others of lesser quality must be drained and recycled
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Antifreeze Types
In recent years, antifreeze manufacturers have been creating universal coolants that are meant to work on all vehicle types. These extended-life coolants only differ in color. Some may be orange while others may be dyed blue or purple. While universal... More »
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