Antique Chair Types?


There are many different types of antique chair styles. From chairs made of wood to chairs made of iron, it depends of the era you choose. Antique chairs can be purchased an antique stores and eBay.
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There are many types of antique chairs, including dinning room chairs and upholstered chairs, which can all be reconditioned to fit your needs and style. Find an antique chair at an antique mall, and don't be afraid to have it reupholstered or... More »
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A good way to find out the kind of chair you have would be to take it to an antique dealer for appraisal. The dealer could not only tell you what kind of chair you have, but also
1. Tear off small pieces of masking tape and apply one piece to each section of the chair while it is assembled. Label each piece with a letter or number written onto the tape. Draw
1 Note the possible issues such a chair might have. When examining a wood swivel chair at an auction or antique store, look for such problems as chipped wood, a poor luster, cracked
I guess about $4,500, and the price is depend on the year and maintenance of the integrity. but it is very difficult to fine a good quality antique koken barber chair, it is very
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my apologies, i meant to ask you to send pictures to me at bobklein Hi, Thanks much for the extra pictures. The wood looks more like poplar or ...
In order to answer the question of what kind of antique chair do I have, I would need a description of the style of chair. Is there a tag or label anywhere on ...
1. Check out books in your local or college library. The design or history sections will yield the best results. Let the librarian known what type of antique chair ...
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