Where can I find antique crocks?


Antique crocks are often found in antique stores and old fashioned general stores. These crocks often date back to the mid 1800s and are made of stoneware or porcelain. This type of collectible is difficult to find in perfect condition because of its material. Excellent crocks can be purchased for around $50 to $150, but exact pricing varies depending on the age and the style of the crock that one would purchase. Old American crockery is highly sought after by collectors.
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1. Turn the crock over and look for a maker's mark or stamp. The mark may be a symbol, logo, letter or the name of the manufacturer. If the crock was made by a master artist, the
The value of an antique crock depends on who made it, how it's marked, its condition, size, design, rarity, and so on. For more information about antique crocks, see Related Links
There are ways to identify fake antique crocks. Learn about various methods for identifying fakes in this free diy collectors video from an antiques dealer collection expert. Views:
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