How to Refinish a Drop Leaf Table?


Antique Drop Leaf tables are considered elegant because of their unique design and rich history. Most are from the Georgian and Victorian period. To refinish it, you need to stain the table using rags and the preferred product and proceed to apply polyurethane coating. You need to apply two coats whilst sanding between the coats and finally let it dry.
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The first question I would ask is where did you get it? Has it been in your family for a while? If so, does anyone in your family know anything about it? There might be some information
1. Choose an easy-to-clean area with good ventilation and ample space. Working outside when sanding is acceptable. However, when refinishing your table, dust or debris in the air
A. drop-leaf table. has a fixed center section and hinged side panels. When the side panels are lowered, the table top is smaller, but when the sides are raised, the top area is enlarged
the only evidence you would see of a fifth leg is two holes in the center of the center slides under the table. the fifth leg would have been attached to a board about 7/8 inch thick
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