Antique Gooseneck Rocking Chairs?


The value of a gooseneck antique rocking chair depends on the condition of the chair. Take it to an appraiser to determine the actual value. However, you can do a self inspection like checking the joints and identifying the wood. Decent chairs go for $100 and high end chairs go for $250.
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This chair belonged to my husbands grandmother and now his mother. It is in excellent condition. No scratches or damaged. Cushion is tapistry and in excelllent condition. No damage.
Although there are examples of a few early antique rocking chairs in England, they were not commonly made and used in England or America until the mid 18th century. An antique rocking
Antique rocking chairs can be found all over the internet, but sometimes price can play a big factor when it comes to purchasing them. A good tip is to visit your local antique store
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