Antique Gooseneck Rocking Chairs?


The value of a gooseneck antique rocking chair depends on the condition of the chair. Take it to an appraiser to determine the actual value. However, you can do a self inspection like checking the joints and identifying the wood. Decent chairs go for $100 and high end chairs go for $250.
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I found a gooseneck on the trash and collected it to reupholstry it. My brother has one that belonged to my great grandmother so it is very antique. The one I found is very similar
Instructions. Look to see how comfortably the chair sits upon its rockers. The earliest rocking chairs were ordinary slat-back kitchen chairs-that is, chairs whose backs consist of
Antique rocking chairs can be found all over the internet, but sometimes price can play a big factor when it comes to purchasing them. A good tip is to visit your local antique store
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