How to Restore an Antique Wrought Iron Bed Frame?


Antique iron bed frames were first made during the 1850s, handmade and intricately detailed. However, after World War I, iron bed frames were able to be mass produced thanks to cost-effective iron production revolutions. These antique iron bed frames vary in value based on the level of detail, age, previous ownership, manufacturer and current condition.
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1. Go over rusted areas with a steel bristled brush, scrubbing vigorously so that rust flakes off. 2. Sand the surface of the bed frame using medium grit sand paper. 3. Spray on phosphoric
The Salvation Army , Try Craigslist under "free" I have seen two under Central New Jersey in the last two weeks.
Try J J'S Furniture at 510 N Commerce St., Ardmore, OK 73401. Ph: (580) 490-9000.
Hi Sarah. Nice to hear from you. You have three options for this job. The very best thing to do would be to have the metal bed sandblasted. Then you could spray it with primer and
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The only way to fix an antique bed frame is to have it welded.back together. After it has been welded, you can touch the spot up with some paint. Iron is hard to repair.
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In order to refinish an antique metal bed frames, the paint needs to be stripped from the frame and the iron needs to be polished or repainted. This process requires ...
Antique iron beds are iron beds made from alloys of iron. Brass and iron are the main elements used to make the metal. Distress the surface of cast iron using ...
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