How to Make an Antique Spoon Bracelet?


A person can make an antique spoon bracelet by sawing the scoop end off. The edge should be polished with sandpaper for the antique spoons. The spoon must also be polished and buffed.
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1. Look to see how the spoon is made. Until the 1700s, the stem and the bowl were fashioned separately and then soldered together, says Stephen Helliwell in his book “Small
You can buy a set that looks a lot like that on ebay for $10.00.….
Antique silver soup spoons are available for purchase from many different stores, on and offline. One example of stores that sell antique silver soup spoons is NapaStyle.
Alright my friend I do not want to make you feel bad about this spoon but here is the honest truth. I have been collecting antiques for a long time and I am familiar with WM Rogers
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Antique spoon holders are typically in the form of a large wooden plaque that hangs on the wall and sports small rivets for the spoons to hang on. These antique ...
The antique spoons are identified by unique marks such as 'EP' or 'A1' at the back of their stem. They also have words such as 'Stainless steel' that was first ...
1. Look for a hallmark or maker's mark. If your spoon is made of silver, there will be a mark reading "sterling" if it was made in America. If it was ...
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