Antitussive refers to mechanism of action of cough medication which works by suppressing cough center in the brain. Some of the brand names for Antitussive medications are Robitussin and Vicks Formula 44.
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[an-tee-tuhs-iv, an-tahy-]
of or pertaining to a substance that is used to suppress coughing.
any such substance, as codeine.
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A cough supressant.
Antitussive means; tending or having the power to act as a cough suppressant.
Etymologically, the word antitussive comes from two words: anti (against) and tussis (cough). In short, something that prevents cough. Antitussives are a class of cough medications
1. One of the primary herbs for treating coughs and asthma is Xing Ren (Sm. Armenicae) which is apricot kernels. The nature of the herb is bitter and slightly warm and in traditional
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Antitussive drugs are meant to fight coughs. An example would be Robitussin. Antitussive drugs come in both opiod and nonopiod forms and are available in varying ...
I have an idea, Go to your local Pharmacy and browse the cough and cold section. If you have any questions, just ask the Pharmacist. We are very approachable. ...
Benzonatate is in a class of medications called antitussives (cough ...
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