What is an antonym of arrogant?


One antonym of arrogant would be humble. Arrogant means to be overly confident in your abilities to the point of annoying others, so any word that describes people who think less of themselves than they should would work as an antonym.

Other good antonyms for arrogant include meek, unconceited and modest. Shy and timid are sometimes used, but a shy person could still be arrogant; it may just not be readily apparent. Which antonym chosen depends on the intended audience. The antonym used when talking to or writing for a person of authority is likely to differ from the one used around a best friend.

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Meek, mild, humble
Humble is an antonym for the word arrogant. Have another question? Just ask ChaCha!
Meek, servile, himble are the antonyms for arrogant. Source(s) antonyms//.
An antonym for arrogant could be : humble. Example: "This experienc...
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