What is an antonym of "indifference?"


"Passion," "interest" and "respect" are all antonyms of "indifference." According to Oxford Dictionaries, "indifference" is a noun meaning "a lack of interest," so any nouns that mean "deep interest" qualify as antonyms for "indifference."

The following sentence presents an example of usage of the word "indifference": "Alice approached difficult literary questions with a deep passion, but she reacted with indifference to similarly difficult math questions."

Sometimes, people use "indifference" to mean "mediocrity," as in this sentence: "The great skill and innovation of her dancing balances out the indifference of her singing." "Excellence" is an antonym of this usage of "indifference." Another potential meaning of "indifference" is "unimportance," with "priority" and "concern" as corresponding antonyms.

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Antonyms for indifference include: caring, compassion, concern, feeling,
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Antonyms for indifferent: caring,
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