What prices does Anytime Fitness charge?


Because each Anytime Fitness is independently owned and operated, it is best to directly contact a specific Anytime Fitness location for prices. A visit to Anytime Fitness also gives one an opportunity to see the facility and the equipment available.

Individuals who are interested in joining Anytime Fitness can obtain a free seven-day trial pass. This allows individuals to use the facility and the equipment without any obligation to decide if it is right for them. The pass may be upgraded to a 14-day pass by logging in with a social network. Passes are available on the website for Anytime Fitness.

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depends on the location, go online and call the one near you.
The procedure for canceling your Anytime Fitness membership depends on your particular home club, which is the club where you obtained your original membership. Anytime Fitness is
Anytime Fitness doesn't list fees online, but U can ask: (702)
Anytime Fitness has ten branches in Ontario, Canada. All of their branches are within a twenty minute drive on from each other so you can easily go in and exercise anytime you want,
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4265 Howard Avenue, Kensington, MD
(240) 242-3053
10350 Bristow Center Drive, Bristow, VA
(571) 261-9661
6090 Rose Hill Drive, Alexandria, VA
(703) 662-5454
7009 Manchester Blvd, Alexandria, VA
(703) 822-9950
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