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Understanding how aperture works is essential for success in photography. The aperture on a camera controls the area where light can enter it. Aperture works in conjunction with both exposure and shutter speed to produce the best image results. The key to producing the perfect photo is knowing what the right combinations of aperture, exposure, and shutter speed to use for a particular picture-taking situation. Charts can help a photographer decide how much aperture to use, depending on natural light and other conditions at the photography location.
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1. Set the correct film speed on the shutter speed dial on the top left of the camera. 2. Determine the shutter speed and corresponding aperture setting - also known as an f-stop
An introduction to Shutter Speed and Aperture: Both of the above variables help control the amount of light that reaches the film (or in a digital camera, the CCD sensor) however
With all cameras Shutter speed determines how long
* The mode does not matter. All you have to do is figure out the proper exposure and use it. * The shutter speed needs to be fast enough to avoid blur caused by camera or subject
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The shutter speed controls thelength of time light exposes the film and the aperture controls theintensity of the light exposing the film. f/stops range ...
Shutter speed is simply the ...
1. Take off the lens cap to activate the camera's light meter. Look through the viewfinder. The meter indicator is a needle on the right side of the frame. It ...
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