Appalachian Sayings?


Appalachia Sayings are old folk sayings used and treasured by people found at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia. Saying the word 'Appalachian' depends on where you're from. For example if you live in or around the Appalachian Mountains, especially the central and southern section, you pronounce it App-uh-LATCH-uh but most people in the United States pronounce it as App-uh-LAY-shuh.
Q&A Related to "Appalachian Sayings?"
Appalachian is pronounced "app-a-lay-shin." It refers to the mountain range, or a native or resident of the Appalachian mountain area.
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I find this question somewhat ambiguous as it doesn't mention any particular story. However, if you want to know if trilobites pertains to the Appalachian Mountains, I can answer
I once saw a movie about a doctor in Appalachia, and the story had a sin eater in it. I got interested in finding out what a sin eater was. I learned, mostly through research on the
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