How to Treat Black Spot Disease for Apple Trees?


There are a few apple tree diseases one should be aware of if they own apple trees. One of these diseases is the black spot disease, which causes black spots to form on the apple trees. One can treat this disease by removing any fallen leaves one sees. These leaves can help spread the disease, even if they are lying on the ground. One can also spray their trees with lime sulfur.
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1. Remove leaves that fall from the apple tree as soon as possible. Since exposure to both sunlight and water release the spores that spread black spot disease from the fallen leaves
If an apple tree was allowed to develop naturally it would still produce fruit. The apples will be smaller and fewer though because the tree will be using a lot of energy to support
Spray apple trees in the Spring at blossom drop and when the
1. Choose a location for planting in full sun or with partial shade. Test the soil to make sure it has healthy pH and nutrient levels. Crab apples grow well in soil with a pH of 5.0
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Apple Tree Diseases
The diseases that strike apple trees are all fungal and can be controlled and prevented in most cases. Proper care and a watchful eye can help keep the apple tree healthy and the crop abundant. When it comes to using a fungicide, check with your local... More »
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