Are apple trees sprayed for worms?


Worms can do much damage to an apple tree and measures must be taken to control an infestation of them. Spraying your tree with a deworming chemical is essential in the healthy production of apple trees and apples. Growers should start spraying their apples trees for worms in early spring and continue to do so on a regular basis throughout the growing season, which comes to a close in mid-October. Spraying usually begins once an apple tree has reached full bloom.
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1. Cultivate worm- and pest-resistant cultivars of pear and apple trees. Numerous cultivars available for purchase, many of which have been developed specifically for their high degree
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Apple maggots are the off spring of flys. They will travel miles to find your apple tree, attracted by chemicals given off by your tree. There isn't any sustainable preventative method
Spray apple trees in the Spring at blossom drop and when the
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When to Spray Apple Trees for Worms
Spraying apple trees can prevent and control the infestation of codling moths and their worms that frequently destroy apple harvests. Apple worms start as eggs laid on the fruit by their moth parents. If the apple is not protected all through the growth... More »
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