Application of Amplitude Modulation?


There are a few applications for amplitude modulation. It was first used to carry audio over telephone lines. It has been used to transmit Morse code and is also used for radio and other communications.
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Amplitude modulation is one way to carry information on a carrier, such as a. radio signal. Another way is FM (Frequency Modulation) While FM offers greater. clarity for audio, and
Amplitude modulation or AM is a way of electronically communicating, usually transmitted with a radio carrier wave. If you have a radio, chances are you have an AM setting on it.
( ′am·plə′tüd ′maj·ə′lād·ər ) (physics) Any device which imposes amplitude modulation upon a carrier wave in
In Amplitude Modulation or AM, the carrier signal has its amplitude modulated in
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Amplitude modulation is a technique that is widely used in electronic communication for transmitting information through a radio carrier wave. It works by differentiating ...
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