Application of Trigonometry in Everyday Life?


The word trigonometry comes from the Greek words trigonon which means triangle and metron which means measure. Once we know the meaning, it's easy to understand some of the real life uses of trigonometry. One use of trigonometry is the calculation of the height of waves in the ocean. This information is of interest to oceanographers. It is also used to measure the distance between celestial bodies and is used in navigation to calculate the distance to the shore from a particular point in the ocean. Architects also use trigonometry to measure the slope of a roof and to properly calculate structural load.
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You cannot separate architecture from trigonometry, which is critical for curving surfaces in building materials such as steel and glass. The science is used to find the heights of
Trigonometry is used in every engineering discipline, and in the sciences - especially physics. The easiest example would be force equilibrium on a bridge where each support is at
Applications of Trigonometry in Real life. Trigonometry is commonly used in finding the height of towers and mountains. It is used in navigation to find the distance of the shore
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Trigonometry does have real life applications such as music, architecture and is also associated with navigation. This can include astronomy, cartography, mapping ...
Trigonometry has applications in a number of scientific fields, ranging from geography and astronomy to engineering and physics. One of the most important early ...
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