Applications of Bernoulli's Principle?


Some applications of Bernoulli's Principle include air flight and lifting items. Feeling a draft is another example of the principle. Sailing is a final application.
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One interesting application is the one that makes airplanes fly. The wings are shaped in such a way that air moves faster on the upper side than on the lower side; the difference
1. Put the empty soda cans about one inch apart on a smooth, level surface. 2. Tell your students to predict what will happen if you blow gently between the cans (Most students will
The 4 applications of Bernouilli's principle are
Not enough space to list them all here but Piping Systems, A/C Thermal Expansion Valves, Blades on a Gas Turbine, Venturi Nozzles (Flow Meters) Air Ejectors (in Steam Condensors)
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