Applications of Geometry in Real Life?


There are applications of geometry all around us in real life from the designing of cars, planes, homes, and buildings to things like computer graphics. Geometry is even used in the medical field. For instance, when a person has a CAT scan test for a brain tumor, geometry is used to show doctors the shape of the tumor. Though geometry is usually not taught in elementary school, even students in kindergarten are being prepared to learn about geometry when they begin learning the shapes of objects, including circles, triangles and squares.
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Just take a look at a US dollar bill and you'll find many applications of coordinated geometry on it.
Geometry is not generally covered in grades kindergarten through eight, but children are introduced to shapes and spaces in a variety of ways. In initial school activities, kindergarten
hustling at pool also requires geometry. working in field artillery finds it useful too. As does navigation by maps (especially in olden days)
This clip from my former advisor is interesting. Presents the future and real-life side of bionanotech.
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