Appropriate Gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary?


You can choose an appropriate gift for a 50th wedding anniversary by using the traditional symbols of the 'Golden Anniversary' as a guide. The obvious symbol of the 50th anniversary is gold, so you may like to gift gold jewelry or a watch. The gemstone symbolizing the 50th anniversary is the golden topaz. You might surprise your spouse with a trip to the Gold Coast or toast the marriage with golden champagne.
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1. Consider the theme of the 50th anniversary. A 50th anniversary gift is usually something gold. Gold can be the basis of your gift or you can incorporate it into it. 2. Think about
1. Think about the anniversary couple. What do they enjoy doing? How did they met? How will their 50th wedding anniversary be celebrated? Ad. 2. Think outside the box. Gold is the
Fiftieth wedding anniversary is the Golden anniversary - so the gift would be gold.
Wonderful! 50 years is a long wonderful, GOLDEN time (hint, hint! Here are some ideas: 1. Find out the year they were married and create a CD of songs from that time. 2. Find an old
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Appropriate Gifts for a 50th Wedding Anniversary
Selecting an appropriate 50th wedding anniversary gift will depend on the personality of the couple and the amount of money that you wish to spend. From personalized mementos that commemorate the event to high-priced fine jewelry, the gift choices span a... More »
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The 50th wedding anniversary is considered the "golden" anniversary, and popular gift items include gold-plated picture frames, gold-plated commemorative ...
There are several things you can do for 50th wedding anniversary centerpieces. You can put a vase of flowers on each table to act as a centerpiece and then put ...
Being married for 50 years means a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into that marriage. Couples who have been there and done that can leave a legacy by ...
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