Approximately How Many Piglets Does a Sow Have in a Litter?


How many piglets a sow has in a litter will depend on the breed. The average amount of piglets is between 10 and 12 per litter. A sow can have up to two litters per year.
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Average litter of a pig can vary, but between 8-14 seems to be the
A sow can have 2 litters per year. Gestation length of a sow is about 112 to 119 days though most will farrow at about 116 days.
They can have anywhere from 1 to 14 Anonymous
A sow averages 12 piglets per litter and she has 3 litters per year. One sow averages producing 36 piglets per year. more.
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For her first litter, a sow (female) usually has about 2 or 3. Subsequent litters can produce as many as 6 or 8. ...
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