Aquarius Likes and Dislikes?


An Aquarius is known for having an open mind and embracing numerous and varied interests, from the joy of meeting new and interesting people, exploring eclectic art, music and fashion, and visiting exotic places all over the planet. They're known for dreaming big and having a desire to be successful. When it comes to dislikes, there is nothing that turns off an Aquarius more than the feeling of being confined, whether physically, psychologically, or creatively. They crave their independence and need their freedom. They also react negatively to narcissistic personalities and to people who cannot keep their word when they make a promise.
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1. Be eccentric and unpredictable. These are common Aquarian traits. Act mysterious and quirky to keep others guessing. Will you grab the keys and dash down to the store for more
Every Aquarius I've ever met has been a social badass. The girls and the guys all made easy friends, wherever they went and whoever they were with. They were ALL unbiased and un-judging
1. Release your expectations about the things your child should or should not like. Acknowledge that your child is an individual, not a miniature version of yourself. Although she
Aquarians are one of the Air signs and are, generally speaking, the most intelligent sign of the Zodiac. They are all about changing the world and making it a better place (or at
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The Aquarius has certain likes and dislikes that are common. Some likes are charitable causes, nostalgia, and planning for future events. They generally dislike ordinary things, opting instead for something unique.
The Aquarius is a water sign. An Aquarius will often like being in the water and they usually like to display eccentric behavior. They often dislike routines and having to make decisions.
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