Aquarius Man Jealous?


It is not in the true nature of an Aquarius man to be jealous or possessive. In fact, if he ever does feel a twinge of jealousy, he'll most likely keep it to himself and you'll never know about it. He'll spend a little time turning the issue over in his mind and work out the reasons for his feelings. Aquarius men are known for being loyal and faithful. If his woman plots to make him feel jealous, he'll see right through her trick.
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The easiest way to make a man jealous is to flirt with another man. That is sure to work. If that does not work, get a dog and spend more time with the dog than your man. Make it
2 aquarians r so in sync w/each other when lovers, that he probably REALLY dosent want to lose such a perfectly matched partner as u. he's worried that if he loses u, he'll never
An. Aquarius. can keep a man by keeping it real like we always do and showing them our sincerity. Cuz HEY I'm An Aquarius and I Know How to Get and Keep A MAN, AIGHT. LOL! LOVE YA
The Aquarius man has a friendly nature, so he makes acquaintances easily. He's
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