AR Book Test Answers?


Accelerated Reader book test answers can be found on various websites. There isn't an online source that gives the test answers to every book on the Accelerated Reader book list. The book lists vary from state to state, school to school and grade to grade. A few books that appear on some of the 12th grade reading lists are '1984' by George Orwell, 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley and 'Murder in the Cathedral' by TS Eliot.
Q&A Related to "AR Book Test Answers?"
You have to read the book. Answers does not post answer keys to educational tests.
Cha Cha says that all the test answers are in the book.
dude that book is so old now but it was a good book im waiting for gleadr. oh sorry what were the three questions. coz they r all different.
1) A 2) B 3) D 4)C 5) B 6) B 7) A 8) C 9) C 10) D
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