How do you take AR tests at home?


AR tests are accelerated reading tests. These tests will measure comprehension of a student when they read a passage and answer questions. AR programs and tests are popular in elementary schools to encourage reading.
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1. Visit your school's library Web page. Search for a link related to "Accelerated Reader" or "AR. Most libraries do not offer online AR quizzes. But if yours does,
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we know cheating is very, very tempting, especially since the questions might be hard and you want an easy, good grade. when I was in sixth grade, 1/3 of my grade cheated. we were
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How Can I Practice AR Reading Tests?
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a type of program that tests a child's comprehension of a book that he has read. It asks questions about the material the child encountered in the book, and it awards points depending on the number of answers the child gets... More »
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The AR test answers for Eragon are quite easy but they change from test to test. Some say the answers for this test are a,b,d,c,b,a,d,c,a,b,a,a,b,d,d,c,b,a,d,c ...
Some questions that you may see on the AR test for Diary of a Young Girl are about the characters, her birthday, her diary and you some about the Holocaust. You ...
An AR Test can be taken online with an Accelerated Reader by going to a learning website. You can also do this off of your phone. To do this, you simply need to ...
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