Who was Archbishop Veron Ashe?


Veron Mar Enoch Ashe is the youngest person to hold the office and title of Archbishop, as recognized by the Mar Thoma Orthodox Church. He operates a prophetic ministry, which means his messages emanate from divine inspiration. He preaches all over the world, including Africa and India. Archbishop Ashe earned his BA from Miami Christian College located in Miami, Florida. He was originally a Roman Catholic before converting to Pentecostalism, a renewal movement within Christianity that places particular emphasis on a direct and personal experience of God.
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He spoke the weekend of aug.15th and 16th 2009 @ Heritage Christian center in denver co. he will be back the 26th of sept.02009.
He, or someone claiming to be him, logged into Myspace today. http://www.myspace.com/archbishopenochas… I'm not his friend, so I can't see what he said. http://www.christianmom.com
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First, you spell it correctly. It's Archbishop Vernon Ashe. "He is not a typical Pentecostal. Ashe is a Syrian Orthodox bishop, a man raised Roman Catholic who is a leader in
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