What are archery target rings called?


The rings on an archery target are not referred to using any specific names. There are 10 concentric rings numbered '1' through to '10', with every pair being coloured as follows; ring 1 and 2 are white, ring 3 and 4 are black, ring 5 and 6 are blue, ring 7 and 8 ring are red, and finally, ring 9, 10, and the inner 10th ring are gold.
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It is simply called a ring. To elaborate further, the straw backing of a target is called a 'boss' not to be confused with what you get in computer games. The paper or alternative
1. Lay out your archery target on a flat surface. The standard target for competition is the FITA (International Archery Federation) target. This target has ten concentric rings surrounding
The 1 ring & 2 rings in archery are white. Worth 1 and 2 points respectively. Do not appear to have a special name. report this answer. Updated on Friday, February 03 2012 at
In archery, the term "end" describes a set number of
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The archery target rings are arranged in a concentric manner with the centre dot being called the bull's eye while the rest are called the face. Archery is a competitive sport that is done all over the world.
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