Arcoroc France?


A French company called Arc International is the owner of the Arcoroc French dinnerware brand. The company was founded in 1825 in Arques, France. The company started out making glass then progressed to making cookware and dinnerware available for retail sale. Well received early items produced by Arc International were stemware and storage containers made of glass. They also offered an impressive assortment of pink impression glass. The founder of the company was Alexander des Lyons de Noircarm.
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arc international started using the arcoroc name on there glassware in 1963.
About $30 - $40? Very pretty by the way.
One of my parents gave me the glass bowls, and I read the name and I decided Look it up, and they seem rather expensive, but I'm not sure. And it is of France. I also have one that
I'm not sure you posted this in the proper category. Good luck.
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