Arctic Ocean Interesting Facts?


The most interesting fact about Arctic Ocean is that a large part of it is covered with a vast floating raft of sea ice. This ocean also comprises of three kinds of sea ice which are polar ice, pack ice and fast ice.
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The Arctic Ocean is roughly 8% the size of the Pacific Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is also the smallest of the five oceans. The oceans lowest point is 4,665 meters and the highest point
The Arctic Ocean is the smallest, and shallowest of the 5 oceans. It's
The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the five oceanic divisions in the world, to be found in the Northern Hemisphere and mainly in the Arctic North Polar Region. Throughout
*The Arctic Tundra only has one tree that grows there and its called the dwarf willow tree. * The word tundra means treeless plain. more.
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