Arctic Wolf Food Chain?


The arctic wolf, a carnivore, is known as a tertiary consumer, which means they reside at the topmost level in a food chain. An example of an animal that is beneath the arctic wolf on the food chain would be the snow hare. Plants are known as the producers and they exist at the bottom of the food chain. In simple terms, the hares eat the plants, the wolves eat the hares. Arctic wolves have a typical lifespan of 7 years in the wild.
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because wolves don't have preditors unless a human had a gun than that's a different story.
The Arctic willow is at the base of the food chain. Animals depend
They are usually in the middle somewhere below its predators the polar bear and eagle. But they are not at the bottom. The lemmings or Arctic Hare are...usually.
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An Arctic wolf is at the top of the food chain because it does not have any known predators. The wolf will hunt and eat any animal below it on the food chain. ...
The food chain for the Arctic Tundra is relatively small because there aren't many things that live there. The food chain begins with plants and grasses as the ...
the producer might be reindeer moss, the herbivore could be an acrtic moose, if those exist, or an animal that lives in the arctic tundra that only eats plants ...
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