Are Acer Computers Any Good?


Acer have come from pretty much nowhere to be 4th in the global PC market in the last few years. Whilst volume is not necessarily an indicator of quality, they have been pretty robust.
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Acer is a good brand for there price. I have not had any problems with them. We sell acer at our business and have had no problems with them. Check out our site!'t_acer_computer...
On an independent notebook forum 74% of users rated the build quality of Acer
IMHO, the best intro to logic out there is. ical-La. but I would also strongly consider. guage-P.
I have had Acer, Samsung (AMAZING PRODUCTS!), HP laptops. I currently own the Apple Macbook Pro. Acer doesn't overheat as much as HP (which is a terrible laptop brand, by the way)
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