Are All Parallelograms Rectangles?


All parallelograms are not considered rectangles. A rectangle has four corners that represent ninety degree angles. A parallelogram has four corners, but the angles can be any measurement.
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because that is how rectangles are defined. that's like asking why are all circles round.
A rectangle is a four-sided
All rectangles are, but a trapezoid is not a parallelogram because only one pair of sides is parallel.…. Move the cursor and it will give you the special characteristics. isosceles is only a triangle.
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A parallelogram is a four sided shape like a square, diamond, and a rectangle. A rectangle is always a parallelogram. ...
The other parallelograms that are not rectangles are the square and the rhombus. The rhombus has four sides of equal length, equal opposite angles and diagonals, ...
Yes, a trapezoid is a parallelogram. It has four sides and the opposite sides are of equal length. A square is also a parallelogram, as is a rectangle. ...
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