Are All Stars Suns?


According to astronomers, not all stars are Suns. This is because a Sun is a star which is located at the centre of the solar system and has a number of planets rotating around them, while stars lack planets rotating around them.
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Our sun is officially classified as a G2 yellow dwarf, which is a medium in regards to mass, density, and luminosity. The next stage of life for Sol is to become a Red Giant.
it is not brighter than ALL stars but the reason that it's brighter than some stars because of it's type.
1. Draw a circle, to represent the sun itself. 2. Draw four wavy lines pointing to the center of the sun-one over the top of the sun, one beneath the sun, one to the left, and one
It's a mixed bag of stars doing different things. None of them seem associated with our own star. There are some groups with similar motions, perhaps former Open Clusters now dispersing
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The Sun is brighter than all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy because it is the star closest to Earth. The mean distance of the Sun from the Earth is approximately ...
The only difference between a star and out sun is the fact that the sun is much more closer to earth than other stars. The sun is basically considered by astronomers ...
There are quite a number of stars bigger than the Sun. In July 2011, a huge star approximately 320 times the size of the sun was discovered. Stars appear to be ...
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