Are All White Babies Born with Blue Eyes?


Eye colour is usually inherited from the parents; however, all babies are born with blue eyes since melanin the pigment that colours your eyes is not fully developed. This pigment is normally deposited in the iris of the eye then darkened by the exposure to UV light. It then acquires its normal colour of either black, brown, grey blue or green.
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Many babies are born with blue eyes because melanin, brown pigment
lol my son was born with brown eyes so not all of them have blue eyes. but often in babies the pigment that colors teh eyes isnt being made until a few weeks after birth tehre fore
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It's something to do with Melanin. Melanin. is a brown pigment that puts colour into your hair, eyes, and skin. At the time babies are born, melanin hasn't yet been "deposited&
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Babies of African and Asian descent are usually born with brown eyes that stay brown. Caucasian babies are often born with steel gray or dark blue eyes; they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time they're 9 months old.
As babies age, melanocytes in the iris begin to produce melanin, causing the eye color to change.
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