Are Ants Harmful?


Ants can be helpful or harmful depending on the circumstances and species. Some ants eat harmful insects and others enrich the soil when they process their food. Carpenter ants are a nuisance and burrow into the wood thus causing structural damage.
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Harvester ants can sting and some sensitive individuals may be harmed. Otherwise, they are not harmful. Besides ferocious bites and venonmous stings-which can be quite dangerous to
1. Study the ant population in your house to determine where the ants seem to be coming in, such as cracks in windows and under doors. 2. Shake the cinnamon container in these areas
First walk the lawn or area where you are having an ant problem,
Hi Lesa, Mushrooms are not harming your garden, just don't eat them. Ants aren't normally a problem, but a symptom of a problem. Ants often feed on honeydew, the secretions of aphids
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No, eating ants is perfectly safe. Ants that have not been affected by pesticides can be healthy to eat. Although it is not a popular food in North America, it ...
Typically, ants do not harm plants on their own. However, they damage them by building their colonies underneath the plant; thus, destroying the root system of ...
Ant bait is poison and you should keep it away from your dogs. As to whether it is harmful enough to be toxic will depend on the size of your dog and how much ...
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