Are Apple Seeds Poisonous to Humans?


Technically, apple seeds are poisonous. Apple seeds, when exposed to certain chemicals (such as stomach acid) can produce cyanide. One would have to ingest a lot of apple cores to feel the effects of the cyanide. They are poisonous, but it is still safe to eat the occasional apple seed.
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Apple seeds contain "prunasin" which is a cyanogenic glycoside - a chemical
Apple seeds contain cyanogenic acids and are poisonous indeed! If you eat too many you can die so be cautious! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 06:23AM
189. Use 131 of them to close his/her throat and then put 29 seeds in each nostril.
Actually this small amount of cyanide has been shown to be medicinal by killing cancer cells. Besides cyanide, the seeds contain many proanthocynadins, very healthy stuff! read up
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Apple seeds are mildly poisonous since they contain a cyanogenic compound called amygdalin, but pose little harm to humans.
I have eaten apple seeds, and I'm all right. But beware that some people have allergies to apple seeds.
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