Are Banana Peels Bad for Dogs?


Banana peels are bad for dogs. Any people food not given to a dog in moderation can cause health problems.
Q&A Related to "Are Banana Peels Bad for Dogs?"
They aren't bad for dogs. They can digest them fine. But greenies are bad for dogs because they have a problem digesting them. My dog loves bananas, but don't feed them bananas on
bunless hot dog of course. i think it would be weird if you ate the banana with the peel lol.
If dog does not act normally then yes it is bad and you should go to the vet and if hes seems fine wait a few days and if he is still fine it must have come out the other end
Accepted Answer Hi, No with a big dog like a lab he should not have any trouble passing any of the banana or the peel. If he has a sensitive tummy he may get nauseated but that should
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