Are Bananas Poisonous?


Bananas are poisonous if they are eaten too much. This is because they contain potassium and too much potassium can lead to heart damage as well as cardiac arrest. Too much potassium in the blood is referred to as hyperkalemia.
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There are many poisonous spiders found in bananas, but in the very bananas you buy at your average grocery store, there are millions of poisonous bacteria . But don't worry. Their
1. Peel the banana. Do not worry about getting all the banana off the peel. 2. Discard or eat the banana, you will only need the peel to help the infected area. 3. Rub the banana
Banana spiders are aggressive and very venomous and not intimidated by size (can
You probably know too much water and too many apple or cherry seeds can kill you, but did you know eating too many bananas may lead to an early demise? It's not their high radiation
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Banana peels are not poisonous, they actually contain lutein, an antioxidant and potassium. Banana peels can help psoriasis, heal acne, reduce poison ivy side ...
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Banana peels are not poisonous to humans but they are not consistent and tasteful. They are also considered to be inedible by most people and are generally disposed ...
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