Are banks open on Veterans Day?

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Veteran's Day is a Federal Holiday, and most banks will be closed.
The holiday schedule observed by banks can vary, check your bank's website to be sure of their holiday hours.
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There are no banks open on Veteran's Day since it is a federal holiday.
Veterans Day 2014 will be observed on Tuesday, November 11. Most commercial businesses, U.S. financial markets and retail outlets are open. All U.S. post offices are closed. Public
November 11, 2008 is Veterans' Day which is a bank holiday.
Veterans Day is Friday, November 11. Veterans Day is a Federal and State holiday, so almost all federal, state, county and city offices are closed. Some schools and libraries are
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Banking transactions do not process on Veterans Day because the Federal Reserve system does not operate on that day. Although it is a banking holiday, some individual branches of some banks elect to open to cater to the needs of their customers. Although these banks and branches take deposits and provide cash withdrawals to their customers, these transactions do not process until the next regular banking day.

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